The list of Colorado restaurants is long, the list of Colorado 'greatest' restaurants is not as long. Dillon, Colorado, is making moves to not only be on that list, but to be on top.

If you've traveled across Colorado, you've hopefully visited Dillon. It's a great mountain town in Summit County, with many outdoor activities, an amphitheater, and that beautiful reservoir.

What is Currently the Best Restaurant in Dillon, Colorado?

There are more than a few restaurants in Dillon; many are saying that Bistro North is the town's top spot.

Bistro North in Dillon
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Where is Dillon Thinking of Putting in a New Restaurant?

According to, this restaurant would be along the reservoir "down from the amphitheater."

Dillon Reservoir
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Dillon's Town Council Is Very Excited

From, one of the council members' commented:

I think that spot over there is the No. 1 most awesome restaurant location in the state of Colorado..

Another council member commented:

You do it right and it could be the best restaurant in [Summit] county.

What is Colorado's Best Restaurant?

You would have to defer to the Michelin Guide, which put nine Colorado restaurants within their One Star ratings.

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What Is the Best Restaurant in America?

The global restaurant guide, La Liste, compiled reviews from over 1,000 sources and named a French seafood restaurant in New York City, Le Bernadin, the best in the U.S.A. for 2023.

Dillon Wants a Restaurant Like They Have at Copper Mountain

In late 2023, Copper Mountain opened a new lodge, Aerie; Dillon's Town Council is hoping to bring that kind of look to this restaurant they want by the marina.

Aerie at Copper Mountain
Facebook/Cooper Mountain

Will Dillon Own This Restaurant?

According to, the town would probably own the land that the restaurant is on, and lease it to the restaurant.

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