I am a firm believer that everybody needs a third place. A third place is a place to hang out that is not your home or your work.

Think about it this way. In Friends, Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, and Joey hang out at their coffee shop, Central Perk.

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Tom's Restaurant is a staple in Seinfeld. I am very well aware that these are fictional places with fictional people, but having a constant place to either get together with your people or get some alone time is great.

You Need to Consider This Fort Collins Staple For a Visit

Inside Wolverine Farm Publick House
Tanner Chambers/TSM

Wolverine Farm Publick House is a creative haven in Fort Collins' River District. Wolverine Farm Publick House also has some of the best coffee that you can find across Northern Colorado.

Watch the full tour below.

I could spend all day there if I am not watching the time. When you walk in you see an awesome book selection. The books are the archway that leads you into the Perelandra Bookshop.

Wolverine Farm Publick House is For the Community

Tanner Chambers/TSM
Tanner Chambers/TSM

Wolverine Farm helps the community compared to a lot of commercial and for-profit companies. All profits go to literature, art, and culture in Fort Collins

Wolverine Farm Publick House is a creative outpost and event space in Fort Collins’ River District. All profits go to Wolverine Farm Publishing, a local 501(c)3 non-profit publishing company. This funding helps generate our creative programming including literary outreach, a variety of workshops from writing to wood-working, and periodic celebrations of things particularly suited to Fort Collins.

You Can Rent it Out

This is really cool. You can rent out the upstairs section or the entire space. That means that you can host your own event whether it be a birthday, get-together, or even a wedding.

Here is the pricing.

  • Upstairs $150 an hour
  • The entire space is $300 an hour.

Take a look at Wolverine Farm's website here. Here is their address: 316 Willow St, Fort Collins, CO 80524.

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