There is no denying that Colorado is home to some of the absolute best mountain towns in the United States. Recently, Money Inc. compiled a list of the best mountain towns to visit in the United States and of course, Colorado has numerous towns on the list.

From watching wildlife on a hiking trail to skiing on pristine and fresh powder in the winter, Colorado's mountain towns each have a unique vibe.

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Money Inc.'s top 20 mountain towns to visit in the United States have five Colorado mountain towns that you should visit. Here are the best mountain towns in the state of Colorado and where they ranked on the list.

These Colorado Mountain Towns Are Some of the Best in The Nation

If you have never been to these Colorado mountain towns, you need to put them on your list this year.

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One of the towns that somehow missed being on the list is Ouray, Colorado. This is probably one of my most favorite places not only in Colorado but anywhere on earth. The scenery from downtown Ouray is surreal and we can see why this small Colorado town has been dubbed "The Switzerland of America".

Take a look at some of the other mountain towns that are worth a visit in the United States by heading over to


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