A man is facing major consequences due to a viral video that he posted last summer in Colorado. The man was operating a motorcycle at speeds going over 150 miles per hour.

Rendon Dietzmann is from Texas. He self-incriminated himself when he posted helmet cam footage of himself riding from Colorado Springs to Denver. You can easily see the speedometer, and he bragged about getting to Denver from Colorado Springs in 20 minutes.

The motorcyclist's ride on I-25 went viral on nearly every social media platform.

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You are probably thinking what we are thinking. How could somebody be so careless and stupid?

Colorado Speed Demon Arrested

In February 2024, Dietzmann was found and arrested for the crimes he committed in Colorado. He was arrested in Texas.

After some time, we now know the charges that Dietzmann will be facing.

Dietzmann Is Charged


The evidence was extremely clear that Dietzmann was guilty. The crime was posted on his social media accounts and YouTube channel. There was truly no way to prove innocence.

Dietzmann decided to take a plea deal according to KKTV. Dietzmann knew there was no way to avoid being charged with his crimes, so he decided to admit guilt in hopes of a less severe charge.

Official Charges For Colorado Crime


Dietzmann will have to pay a fine of $300 and an additional $1,996 for the cost of the legal process.

Dietzmann will also face 14 days in prison and will no longer have the ability to drive in the state of Colorado.

Dietzmann will officially start after his sentencing on April 23. He went from hits and clicks online to hearing the clinks of a jail cell closing.

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