If you're a parent (or just a kid at heart) chances are you've used a bubble wand. And chances are you used it wrong. Here's a life hack for parents whose arms are worn out from entertaining those kiddos with bubbles.

What is a Bubble Wand?

A bubble wand is a toy that consists of a long tube of bubbles with a stick that has a loop in it. You dip the stick in the bubble tube to create bubble fun.

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How Do You Use a Bubble Wand?

That is the question. Most of us have spent years dipping the wand in the solution and then waving that wand around in true wizard fashion. After seeing this video, it looks like that's wrong. At least, if you want the most bubbles for your dip.

One TikTok account @cullligan showcases exactly how we're apparently supposed to be using these things. In the video, you'll see the wife do what we've all done and wave the wand around to create bubbles. Then the husband shows the new way he just learned.

He dips the wand in and out of the bubble solution all while continuing to blow air through the loop. This creates a bubble machine effect, and really pumps out the fun. See how it's done.

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Crazy, right!? If you're someone that has already been doing this, then good for you. Some of us though are just learning today.

Try it out for yourself and send us a video in the app if it works for you.

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