A few weeks ago, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning to all Colorado shoppers who frequent Trader Joe’s.

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The problem is contaminated food that has been recalled from shelves. 

Back in December, Colorado saw a different food recall that centered around a butcher’s shop in Salida. 

Since then, it would seem there is still contaminated meat out there that hasn’t been removed from shelves or consumer’s homes just yet. 

This Trader Joe's contamination is on a much larger scale, not only affecting Colorado, but 15 other states have also been looped into the recall. 

Trader Joe’s 50% Less Sodium Roasted & Salted Whole Cashews Have Been Recalled for Possible Salmonella Contamination

The FDA and Wenders LLC has recalled the 50% Less Sodium Roasted & Salted Whole Cashews from Trader Joe’s shelves. 

It is believed that specific production batches have been contaminated with salmonella. If you have a bag of these cashews in your pantry, check for these Lot Numbers and expiration dates: 

  • T12139 - Best Before: Feb 21, 2025
  • T12140 - Best Before: Mar 01, 2025
  • T12141 - Best Before: Mar 08, 2025
  • T12142 - Best Before: Mar 10, 2025

This information can be found on the back of each bag, right next to the nutrition label. 

What Are the Effects and Dangers of Salmonella Poisoning?

Salmonella is a dangerous bacteria that either will give you serious stomach issues or be deadly for young children and elderly folk. 

According to the FDA, common symptoms are fever, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

However, it can cause more serious effects if it can find its way into your bloodstream. You could get arterial infections, endocarditis, or arthritis.  

To treat salmonella poisoning, you have to remain well hydrated. You will likely be losing a lot of fluids, so you need to be active in remaining hydrated. 

Some medications can also give you relief as well. You can try antidiarrheal, which is exactly what you think it is. Mayo Clinic recommends loperamide if you want to go down this route. 

You can also try antibiotics as well, which you will need to get from your healthcare provider.

However, most cases of salmonella are not treatable with antibiotics. Your best bet is simply waiting out the symptoms. It takes healthy individuals anywhere from a few days to a week to recover from salmonella poisoning.

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