One woman's first date has gone viral on TikTok for her flawless cover of Adele's "Someone Like You" at karaoke.

"When your date accidentally takes you to karaoke and doesn't know you sing. He's the one saying, 'Oh my gosh,'" Sara Williams wrote over a video of her belting Adele's hit during karaoke on a recent first date, which she shared on TikTok.

In the background, her date can be heard gushing about her gorgeous vocals.

"Oh my gosh, I didn't see that coming!" he exclaims.

Watch below:

In the comments section, Sara confirmed that her date already asked her out on a second date.

"That's not karaoke. That's a concert," one viewer commented on the original video.

"Fun fact: My husband tells people he fell in love with me while I was singing karaoke," another person shared.

"Dude, if I could sing, I would take all my dates to karaoke," someone else wrote.

In a since-removed follow-up video, Sara's date excitedly tells someone, "It's our first date!"

A few days later, Sara posted an update video documenting the pair's second date and revealing her date's face.

The cute couple got food and cookies to share, and she filmed herself with a huge smile on her face as they sat at a table chatting before taking a trip to a Home Depot.

"3rd date recommendation  – the wedding chapel," a viewer joked in the comments.

"He's an actual golden retriever human, isn't he? Look how happy he is to see you! And how amazed he was with your singing," someone else wrote.

"I don't even know you, but so happy for you!! I hope y'all end up getting married!!" another user chimed in.

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