Ashley Benson is letting fans into her "special" and "timeless" Los Angeles, Calif., home, including the surprising room she films her self-taped auditions in.

"We're on our way to the speakeasy," Benson recently revealed in a video tour of her cozy, historic home for Architectural Digest, passing a poster from her Spring Breakers days, which she called "a much younger me."

The hidden, dark-toned room features a bar, couch, popcorn machine and more.

"I spend a lot of time in here. Believe it or not, I do a lot of my self-tapes for auditions in this room. So it's not only a bar but also a workspace ... I'm just obsessed," she shared.

The Pretty Little Liars star explained she took inspiration from her favorite Parisian hotel for the design of the eclectic room, highlighting the black marble, deep red accent walls and velvet features.

"I'll be down here for hours with my friends or just alone, and I find it [is] actually a very creative space for me," Benson explained.

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During the luxe house tour, she also showed off her two living rooms: one casual and one formal.

In the formal living room, Benson revealed that a hidden screen emerges from the ceiling for watching movies. She explained that she excluded a traditional television from the room for a more "mature" feel but that she wanted to have a home theater somewhere in the house.

As for the kitchen, Benson took inspiration from film director Nancy Meyers' work. Meyers directed classics such as The Parent Trap and The Holiday.

"If you know her movies, which I'm sure you do, she has the best kitchens," Benson said.

The film and TV star also revealed that her house shares the same designer as the Playboy Mansion.

"One fun fact that I loved right when I saw the house originally [was that] Arthur Kelly, who did the Playboy Mansion, also built this house in 1930. I thought that was just a very cool piece of history," she said.

According to, Benson is saying goodbye to her unique home, which was listed for sale in July at around $9 million.

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