The winter of 2023 is one we will remember for a while in Colorado. It's been colder than usual, there has been more snow than usual, and anyone who loves to ski is absolutely thrilled.

Colorado is likely looking at one of the longest ski seasons in recent memory. Steamboat has already announced they'll be staying open later this year. It's been freezing cold since the first of the year so none of the snow is melting, and this means some of the resorts can extend their seasons.

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How Many Ski Resorts are in Colorado?

Colorado is home to 28 incredible ski resorts ranging in size and skill. While Colorado is loaded with cross-country skiing, the ski resorts are fashioned for Alpine-style skiing with lifts to help you gain elevation and then glide down the snow. Colorado hosts 9 resorts on the Front Range, 7 on the Western Slope, and 12 located throughout the mountain ranges in the middle of the state.

Which Colorado Ski Resort Has the Highest Elevation?

Ski on top of the world in Summit county at the Breckenridge Ski Resort. This is where you'll find the tallest lift and the highest peak for skiing in Colorado. You'll find it on the Peak 8 summit. The slogan in Breckenridge is 'The Perfect mountain and the perfect town'. Check it out for yourself.

How Long is Colorado's Ski Season?

Generally, Colorado's ski season can begin as early as October and last until March or April. The exception is the Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort which can continue to get snow and allow skiing until late June or even July in some extreme cases.

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A Guide to Colorado's Best Ski Resorts

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