Colorado is by far a beautiful state. The mountain beauty is endless. Living on the Western Slope has been an awesome experience. If you are planning a visit to Colorado, or thinking about moving here, do your research.

Are property taxes in Colorado lower than in other states?

Definitely, mine are $1,400.00 a year less than when I lived in Montana, for basically the same priced and sized home.

Does Colorado have extreme winters?

It depends on where you live. In Gunnison, it's definitely colder and more snow. In Montrose where I reside, the average snowfall is just over 20 inches, I haven't seen that in the five years I have been here.

Do you like craft beer?

Colorado is home to over 400 breweries across the state. The first time I even tried craft beer was in Denver in 2006. Colorado has some of the best.

Another thing that is so cool is it's a healthy state. Denver has been in the top 10 for fittest states. There are so many outdoor activities, such as hiking, skiing, kayaking, and paddle boarding just to name a few. Not to mention plenty of walking trails to enjoy that fresh mountain air. Check out the rest of the list of things you may not know, and put Colorado on your list of places to visit.

12 Normal Colorado Things That Out-Of-Staters Might Not Know

Colorado Fun Facts

Short Hike to Spectactular Western Colorado Waterfall

Even if you have never been to Cascade Falls, for anyone who has traveled to Ouray it's highly likely you have at least seen it from a distance. It's a beautiful waterfall featuring a short, but gorgeous hike. Scroll on for a peak at this short but amazing hike in Ouray.

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