They've put it off for quite a while, but they've decided that they will indeed be charging visitors to the beautiful and unique open space a fee with the upcoming new year.

Devil's Backbone has over 3,000 acres to it; it's hard to imagine seeing all of it. I know that I have hiked out to 'The Keyhole' a couple of times, but haven't even come close to seeing all of what the area can offer.

After having introduced the idea back in June, Larimer County has now approved a new $10 fee to access the natural area just west of Loveland, starting in January of 2022. I would expect to see a lot of folks on the 17.25 miles of trails that Devil's Backbone has, between now and then.

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It's just such an amazing area. That small range of rocks, the 'backbone' really is fascinating to see, up close. Garden of the Gods, near Colorado Springs, has its wonder, but with Devil's Backbone, you do get the feeling that the Earth spurted out this little range.

All the other natural areas in the county will see fees go up to $1 from the current $9 to $10 in 2022 as well. In 2023, according to the Reporter-Herald, those who come to visit Devil's Backbone and the other natural areas from outside of Larimer County will be charged an additional $5 on top of the new $10 free.

A yearly pass would probably be frugal and make things easier for those who like to get outside and see not only Devil's Backbone but Carter Lake and Horsetooth Reservoir on a consistent basis.  The annual pass which costs $90 this year, will cost $100 with 2022.

It's all about being able to handle a growing population. Fees help to offset costs, while also reducing the number of folks within the areas.

Get more on Larimer County's decision from The Reporter-Herald HERE.

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