We've covered many legends throughout the state of Colorado that focus on haunted buildings and cemeteries. But have you heard of the haunted bridge?

Well, this bridge does exist and it's located in Aurora, so not that far of a drive from Northern Colorado if you want to take the trip.

It is called "Third Bridge", and it is located on County Line Road to take it over the Kiowa Creek. The bridge has many legends surrounding it. So much, that the bridge even has a Facebook page dedicated to everything surrounding it.

Some of the events that have occurred at the bridge include:

  • The Hungate Massacre, which happened in the summer of 1864. A man's wife and two daughters were killed in a fire that occurred at their home, and the blame was put on indians in the area. The husband was chased by the killers, who ended up killing him as well. The families bodies were found later on scalped and mutilated, and the bodies were brought into Denver to rally support for an assault on indians in the area.
  • A car accident in 1997, which took the lives of two teenagers. Many people mention that you can sometimes see a female ghost, which many people believe is the apparition of Ashley DeHerrera who lost her life in the accident.

The question is...do you believe it is true? Take a look at these two videos to see if you believe that these show that there are true hauntings going on.

The first video is one shot where the Hungate Massacre supposedly occurred. They say that towards the end of the video, and the camera zooms out, you can see the apparition of a horse behind the slow sign.



See it?

The next video was taken in the dark, so you can't see anything in the picture. But you can hear the drums in the distance, which people say has to do with the indians that once lived in the area. You have to turn up your volume to hear them.

Do you believe this to be true?

Whether it is true or not, Third Bridge in Aurora definitely has peoples minds racing of what could be happening at this historic location.

Have you ever visited Third Bridge and experienced these moments yourself?


Credit: Google
Credit: Google

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