On this #InternationalWomensDay, women are being celebrated all around the world for their accomplishments.  Even Google celebrated with a doodle that included a video showcasing women speaking different languages: Russian, Sign Language, Japanese, and more. 

If you haven't noticed, we have quite a few women in our offices.  These ladies are seasoned DJs with varied careers, but even they'll admit that it gets hard sometimes...especially when they make a mistake on the air, or worse....in front of a celebrity. 

From Alana -

"I was up onstage and announced Tim McGraw's band by the wrong name.  They are the Dancehall Doctors.  I welcomed the Dancing Cowgirls to the stage."


From Shelby -

"When I was a part-timer, a brand manager sent me to record listeners at an outdoor mall.

I was approached by this lady who looked like her outfit was from Coldwater Creek, so I thought she was going to be nice when I asked her if she wanted to be a part of it. But, I was wrong.

Apparently, the mall is on private property and you can't record people.  I was being cooperative, which is why it was totally rude of her to call in not one... not two... but three! Security officers to make sure I stopped what I was doing.

It was mortifying.

P.S., lady. You were really mean, and I am not celebrating you today.


And as funny as things may get, there's also lessons learned that our jocks have gathered over the years.

From Mollie -

"Best lesson I've learned is to never put myself in the victim role.  There's always a way to get past the bull*** of the boy's club."


From Kama -

"Hosting the CBAs was a very proud moment for me as a mom of 3.  I briefly put my career on hold to take care of my babies, but now I'm back and better than ever."

It may be hard to be a woman in the industry, but our jocks are creative, smart, intuitive, and all-around great people.  We love celebrating the women on our stations!


Celebrate the women in your life today and tell us who you want to honor on this awesome holiday in the comments.