Maybe I'm late to the party on this one, but have you seen any of these fancy mobile surveillance trailers deployed by the Fort Collins Police Department?

On a Reddit thread started by u/SolarMatter in the Fort Collins subreddit, they post a picture of one of them and ask other users what it's for. Several dozen responses indicate they've seen them around town in the past, and they are usually deployed in areas where officers and investigators want a better look.

They usually have four cameras in them, able to move around and are not in any way meant to be discreet so they create a visual deterrent in addition to gathering actual surveillance footage of anything sketchy happening in the area.

In the case of this specific unit, many other users have speculated there is a particular location nearby where drug activity is suspected, and that's the reason it's been there for several months.

I can only guess it's far more cost effective to park a trailer in front of something you want to keep an eye on than putting a couple of guys in an old unmarked cop car, on a stakeout with stale coffee and day old donuts like they do in the movies. That being said, I think I'd personally rather do that than sit and review hundreds of hours of video footage.

One thing is for sure. If I lived nearby and one of these bad boys went up, I'd wonder just what my neighbors were up to over there.

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