Just when you thought the 90s or VH1 was a thing of the past...Awww the 90s...the era that gave us one of my favorite's "No Diggity" and artist like Sugar Ray and so so many more pop hits that are the best to bust out a move. "No diggity" was one of the most covered songs last year. Probably because the 90s was one of the best era's for pop and r&b music. It's time to bring back the synchronized dancing, boy bands, and strong female musical groups.

Now, you have a chance to relive those awesome hits, live in concert, with the I Love the 90s The Party Continues Tour! Coming this summer, Saturday July 1st, at Fiddler's Green in Denver. Blackstreet, Naughty By Nature, Mark McGrath, Color Me Badd, and even Coolio are all coming to throw the best 90s party of the summer! Time to dig out the baggy jeans, belly shirts, and snap bracelets!

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