When it comes to dating apps, success is pretty subjective.

Is actually going on a date the grand prize? Is a long term relationship the outcome that best measures success? Or— and this is how I base my success on a dating app— is it just maintaining a conversation with someone for longer than a week?

In Northern Colorado, finding a date can be even harder. If you stay strictly within Fort Collins city limits, you'll end up swiping the same people over and over and over again...and then seeing those same people at Surfside the following night (trust me).

I reached out to a few online daters in Northern Colorado and asked them three simple questions, including: what dating app are you using the most in Northern Colorado?

Shelby, Fort Collins: 

Shelby told me she primarily uses Tinder, and here's why.

Kyle, Fort Collins: 

Kyle said he uses Tinder, which, for the gay community, feels less about hookups to him.

By the way...he's still single, fellas.

Anna, Greeley:

Anna met her boyfriend on Tinder, but the distance was hard: she lives in Greeley, and he lives in Fort Collins. Here's what she said:

Daters on Instagram responded to my original question— which dating app—with the below (and answers via stories are anonymous, heads-up):

  • "Hinge. It values connection more than anything else but pulls a lot of ppl from Denver."
  • "Tinder is easy but you see a lot of the same people."

So what's the final answer here? Maybe it's that dating in Northern Colorado is always going to be a struggle compared to other, bigger cities, but that it's not impossible to find love...and we shouldn't ever stop trying.

Tell us in the poll below. What dating app do you use the most in Northern Colorado?