The game where you literally get paid to try new drinks at your favorite coffee stop. I can't support Human Bean enough because well...they are awesome! It's not only the best coffee joint in Northern Colorado, but they are constantly looking for ways to give back to their local community and do so quite often. That's why supporting them is easy as pie. This week they are holding their Baked Goods Drive for the Ft. Collins Rescue Mission. When you get your morning coffee, grab a baking item to donate and they will give you a punch for each time up to 10 punches!

Now until December 6th, is the Human Bean's Winter Treasure Hunt! The game that encourages you to branch out from your go-to favorite and try something new 6 times during this holiday season. In doing so, they will give you a $5 gift card and a bag of their addicting coffee beans. Trust me, you won't be disappointed and will probably discover a favorite. Some personal recommendations: frozen hot chocolate with a shot of espresso or a lemonade smoothie with perfect berry Rockstar and drizzled pina colada syrup on top.

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