Fort Collins has always been a foodie town, and it looks like our friends down in Denver are starting to catch on.

The Denver Post and talented reporter Josie Sexton recently came up with a list of their favorite eateries in Fort Collins.

Here's the food they liked the best from the home of the Rams:


A latte from Harbinger. Courtesy of Harbinger Coffee Facebook page.
  • Harbinger Coffee - 505 S. Mason St. & 3581 E. Harmony Rd.
  • Bindle Coffee - 1933 Jessup Drive


The Nutella Brioche from The Little Bird Bakeshop. Courtesy of The Little Bird Bakeshop Facebook page.
  • Little Bird Bakeshop - Old Town Square
  • The Elizabeth Hotel's Emporium - 378 Walnut St.


A burrito from Restaurant 415. Courtesy of The four fifteen Facebook page.
  • Restaurant 415 - 415 S. Mason St.
  • Butterfly Cafe - 212 Laporte Ave.


A pumpkin pie from Ginger and Baker. Courtesy of Ginger and Baker Facebook page.
  • Ginger and Baker  359 Linden St.
  • Me Oh My - 3310 W. County Road 54-G


The Tasty IPA at The Forge. Courtesy of The Forge Publick House Facebook page.
  • The Forge Publick House - 255 Firehouse Alley
  • Wolverine Farm - 316 Willow St.

Happy Hour

A sandwich and cocktail from Union. Courtesy of Union Bar and Soda Fountain.
  • Union Bar & Soda Fountain - 250 Jefferson St.
  • The Welsh Rabbit - 200B Walnut St.


Beef tartine with pepper and shallots from The Regional. Courtesy of The Regional Facebook page.
  • The Regional - 130 S. Mason St.
  • Little on Mountain - 1046 W. Mountain Ave.


A Black Manhattan from Social. Courtesy of Social Facebook page.
  • Social - Old Town Square
  • Ace Gillett's - 239 S. College Avenue


Peppermint truffles from Nuance. Courtesy of Nuance Chocolate Facebook page.
  • Nuance Chocolate - 214 Pine St.

There are some awesome whole-in-the-wall spots on this list, but I think they left out a few major contenders (where's Silver Grill?). Maybe I'll make my own list.

But until then, happy eating.

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