I consider myself to be an expert when it comes to being late, and in my experience being late when buying concert tickets is the only way to be. Let me explain. About a week ago a friend of mine and myself decided we were going to risk standing in the cold in hopes of getting into a sold out Saturday night show. One hour and a half drive later (we rode along with people who had tickets just to add some pressure), and we were in the thick of it. I don’t know about you but nothing motivates me like the possibility of having to stand in the snow while your friends are all having one of the best nights of their life.


By the time we rolled up to the venue there was competition to haggle for what spare tickets were in circulation. Having done this kind of thing before, I was confident, but I could tell that after about 15 or 20 minutes with nothing to show my friend Vaughn was starting to get a little squeamish. I assured him we weren't going to be standing in the cold all night, but even with my faith, it was ever so obvious that my friends had no faith in my ability to finesse our way in.

Long story short we got in, we paid less than all our friends ($10 and a shot of whisky for both tickets instead of $25 a ticket. You do the math), and we had one of the best concert experiences I personally have ever had. The fist key to pulling this kind of thing off is you have to be first to ask people for spare tickets. Stand outside the venue and away from anyone else looking for tickets.


Next thing to know is you have to be sure that you hit up every single person who walks up to the venue. If you don’t like approaching strangers this game is it not for you.  There are probably only a few tickets up for grabs so if you want to make your time worth it you can not leave any stone unturned. Those two steps might be pretty self explanatory, but what is really going to make or break your experience is you need to get to the venue early.

Like I have said, I’ve done this sort of thing many times and it hasn’t failed me yet! So If you attend shows frequently and want to save some money, or you don’t want to commit to a show in advance I would definitely recommend trying this approach out! Who knows, you might end up asking one of the band’s childhood friends for a ticket and get to hang out all night with them like Vaughn and I did!

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