'Outdoorsy' is a weird word. Recently, though, I was contemplating how 'outdoorsy' I am after spending a day with some coworkers that chatted about climbing spots, hiking spots, and camping spots for hours on end. As I walked beside a trio of Chacos in my Vans/black jeans combo (which, I admit, was not a smart clothing choice for a hiking trip in Lyons) I wondered-- do I belong in Colorado?

Living in Fort Collins for six years has allowed me to escape the Colorado stereotype of girls who do mountaintop yoga in Lululemon leggings with a Nalgene bottle at their hip-- I'd much rather go to one of our many FoCo flea markets instead and scour for deals while others choose to scour mountain walls. I'm a newbie when it comes to the great outdoors...I'll walk in it, I'll marvel in it...but, I don't know. That about sums it up.

It made me wonder-- Colorado has a reputation for being active, but how does Fort Collins stack up? Do I really stick out for not being one of those Coloradoans, or is Fort Collins more than that?

Let me know what you think...and be honest!

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