From having scenic mountains, lakes, and parks to a plethora of restaurants, breweries, outdoor activities and other attractions, it's definitely hard to stay bored in Colorado. But just how fun is the Centennial State compared to others around the country? Using 22 different indicators on a state-by-state basis, the folks at WalletHub made a list of 2017's "Most Fun States in America." The categories that they used for their findings included things like accessibility to national parks, the amount of restaurants per capita, as well as the variety of arts, entertainment and recreation establishments within each state.

Based on WalletHub's report, which ranked Colorado as bring the 3rd most fun state, it's easy to see why we're commonly referred to as America's playground. With all that our state has to offer, fun isn't just an option here, it's a way of life. When breaking things down, Colorado topped the category of having the most skiing facilities per capita and also ranked high for personal expenditures on recreation services. Only Nevada and South Dakota preceded Colorado in the overall rankings. Check out WalletHub's full report and methodology here.

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