In a little ray of hope, the High Park Fire has a 5% containment. The High Park Fire is at an estimated 43,433 acres and fire fighters are working hard at keeping it from growing. 89 Pre-evacuation alerts were just sent to residents in the area south of County Road 74E, south and east of McNay Hill. This is not an evacuation, simply a pre alert to those residents on Hewlett Gulch Road, Deer Meadow Way, Gordon Creek Lane and connecting roadways in that area.
Some containment lines were completed on the east flank of the fire yesterday. Crews will also be working on the west and south sides of the fire today to get some lines built. The east side will be monitored and reinforced today.

If you want to find out how you can help, Click HERE and Remember;

The Colorado Department of Health has issued action alert days and a health advisory covering most of the Front Range and beyond because the smoke can be detrimental to people’s health, especially the young, the old, and anyone with respiratory problems. They are recommending people to stay indoors and to limit outdoor activity.

Some other things they recommend:

  • Staying indoors and keeping doors and windows closed
  • Turn on the air conditioning (with pushes the air through air filters)
  • Drinking plenty of fluids.
  • Relocating until the smoke clears

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