Look, I get it. Professional sports is a business, players come and go, and very rarely do you get to cheer on the same player for more than four to six years if you're lucky and they're really good.

Von Miller is one of those players that not only was a linebacker and pass-rushing machine for 11 seasons, but he was a staple in Broncos Country since his rookie year in 2011.

He was obviously a beast on the field for the Broncos and wreaked havoc for opposing offenses when he was on the field, and that ultimately became a problem over the past few years with injuries piling up.

Combine that with the team needing to refocus and get back on track and infuse the team with some fresh blood and younger talent, Von became expendable. But that doesn't take away the sting for most fans, and for Von himself, who always made no bones about it: he loves Denver, Colorado and Broncos Country and we love him. Always did, always will.

His smile, that cowboy hat he always wore, and the "howdies" will all be things that are missed by many.

Sure, he's getting up there in age and he's been injured more times than not over the past two to three years. But I think this one stings because of the man Von was and the kind of fan-friendly player he was for so many years. And let's face it, he's one of only two players remaining from the Super Bowl 50 winning squad. Kicker Brandon McManus is the only other one.

You can tell the measure of a man or woman and the impact they had on their team, organization, and fan base by the way his bosses talk about him, in which case was nothing but gratitude and rave reviews.

Here's Von's heartfelt goodbye message he posted yesterday:

And the real heartbreaker for many: Von Miller's final exit of Empower Field at Mile High. The next time we see him will be when he is most likely back for the Ring of Fame induction ceremony and jersey retirement.

Thank you, Von, and good luck in L.A. with the Rams. Go get another ring!

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