Three weeks does not make or break a season, especially early on in a 17-week season. But let's face it, there isn't a whole lot more time for the Denver Broncos to figure this out and right the ship.

The first three weeks of the season and the last three weeks have been two completely different seasons, and Von Miller has had enough. Just like everyone else on this team the past few weeks, Von has struggled and he knows it. He's not happy with the situation and, more importantly, himself.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Oct. 19, Von didn't go as far as to guarantee a win, but he also didn't hold back when calling himself out and saying he needs to and will do better in this week's Thursday night game in Cleveland.

Von took it a step further and threatened to "kill" whoever was playing the offensive tackle position and trying to block him during the game this week.

Sure, the Broncos are banged up, especially on defense with so many linebackers being down. Alexander Johnson is out for the season, Josey Jewell is out for the season, and Bradley Chubb is still a few weeks away from coming back.

But, as banged up as the Broncos are, the Cleveland Browns are going to be showing no sympathy towards Denver because they have around 20 players on the injury list. There are ten of their starters on that list, including their top two running backs, receivers, and quarterback Baker Mayfield who, as of writing this, may or may not be playing on Thursday.

If the Broncos are going to right the ship, this is the time and this is the place to do it: against a banged-up Browns squad. But, just like the Broncos, the Browns have high expectations for this season and are going to gunning to get back on Thursday Night.

Come Friday morning, one of these teams is going to feel much better about themselves. Hopefully, that team is wearing orange. Okay wait a minute, they both wear orange, so let's hope that team has some blue in the color scheme too.

Go Broncos..."Kill the Browns".

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