In just the last couple of years, College Ave. in Old Town has changed quite a bit, and it seems like even the big chains can't make it. While some of these were noticeable, there are a couple that you may not have realized disappeared recently.

Some have been replaced, while others leave stretches of downtown feeling deserted. 

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College Ave. 2019

Old Chicago

Old C's was kind of a shocker to all of us, but what's even more shocking is that it closed in August of 2018 — over a year ago now — and it still sits vacant.

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College Ave. 2015


Old Chicago isn't alone. Just a little ways down the block, Mainline's former location also remains empty, despite closing in the fall of 2018 as well.

Jimmy John's

Both Jimmy John's and Subway no longer have Old Town locations. The Subway at 162 S. College is gone, and it's now a boutique, Stillwater (where Bisetti's was also replaced).

You may not have noticed Jimmy John's vanished, too. It closed in the fall of 2018, and as of this last summer, it's still empty.

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Google Maps

Drunken Monkey

OK, there's still time for one last fishbowl here (but not much). Drunken Monkey will soon close permanently, making for, yes, another empty building on College Ave.