If you are like me, you go to Walmart for just a few things and end up with a cart full of stuff you didn't even know you needed! Your list had toilet paper, paper towels and a bottle of ketchup... Yet you spent $86. It happens all the time. Even more so now that you can shop from the comfort of wherever you might be. 2017 is about to wrap up and Walmart.com has let the world know the most popular items that have been purchased at walmart.com by state.

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Colorado's most popular item that was purchased from Walmart's online store is none other than Peanut M&M's! Now, I have to admit, I have a soft spot for these candies as well, but I don't think I have ever purchased M&M's online.


Other states most popular items are:

Florida - Sparkling Cider

Wyoming - Flannel Shirts

New Mexico - Cat Food

Arizona - LOL Surprise Dolls

Missouri - Life Savers Candy

North Carolina - Mayonnaise

Louisiana - Root Beer Extract


Source: KFOR

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