Dispatchers need your help now to finally get recognition.

For every Officer, Fireman, and EMT there is a dispatcher on the receiving end, being their eyes and ears in a situation before they are able to get on scene. Officers, fireman, & EMTs know their importance. They are critical in a situation to determine what is exactly going on and who to send for help. They answer the call at the height of a stressful, terrifying event. They have calls that are answered to nothing but screams, or terrified children, or even to those that can't communicate their need for help.

911 Dispatchers are critical and often a forgotten necessity to both the men and women that respond to the public and to every citizen of the public. All of us are guilty of not ever worrying about what would happen if we didn't have 911 to call. It is the safety net of society that eases are minds to go on day after day without that stress. Now is your chance to help them though. A petition has started to help get congress to recognize their hard work, dedication, and life-saving talents. Taking one minute to sign is a simple way of helping them get the recognition they deserve.

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