Bees play an important role in nature. Unfortunately, beekeepers in Colorado lose about one-third of their colonies every winter.

Nick French, beekeeper and founder of Frangiosa Farm Honey, tells Denver7 that Colorado bee colonies see a loss of about 35% every winter, on average, noting that bee colonies Great Lakes states see much higher losses, up to 65%.

French also says man-made factors like pesticides, herbicides, and loss of forage help contribute to the loss.

Now, local beekeepers have come up with a way that Coloradans can help save the bees: Adopt-a-Hive.

Adopt-a-Hive has various price levels, ranging from $45 for 1/12 of a hive to $530 for a whole hive, and all donations go toward buying equipment to reduce colony loss.

Donors will receive a certificate of ownership, and periodic updates on the hives, bees, and beekeeping activities. Oh, and as a "thank you" directly from the bees, donors will also receive all-natural, locally produced honey.

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