Yesterday the Y chromosome-yielding faction of the Point air-staff was treated to a visit from the band He Is We. Check out their live performance and click after the jump for photos.

Rachel and Trevor of He Is We forged the snowy Denver roads to come see us Thursday afternoon. (Thanks, guy and gal) We did a little interviewing, played a few songs, and then geeked out with some Android  smartphone games.  (Spider Man is truly is  as addicting as Rachel said.)

He Is We hails from Tacoma, Washington.  The duo met at a music store, a band instrument rental music store.  They love metal, Taco Bell, and 90's music mixes for boring drives across the Midwest.

We were also joined in the studio by Cub Scout Den 5, who was given an impromptu show during their tour of the station.  Fun times all around.

The single from He Is We is called "Happily Ever After."  For more on He Is We, check out their website, or their Facebook page.

The band will be back in our neck of the woods for a show with Barcelona & Lady Danville at the Marquis Theater in Denver on February 24th.

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