Getting ready for New Year's Eve tomorrow? Maybe choose a sequin dress that goes with snow boots, as CDOT is warning of treacherous weather conditions.

Maybe you already prepared for an Uber or Lyft home on NYE, which is a smart move, especially after the Colorado Department of Transportation released a statement urging drivers to return home on the holiday and avoid busy roads:

"Heavy traffic volumes can be expected on New Year’s Day in the evening, particularly on the interstates, with travelers returning home from the holiday. CDOT urges travelers to be prepared not only for possible delays, but also winter driving conditions. Extreme caution is advised if driving in the mountains. Vehicles should be fitted with a winter emergency kit."

With a New Year's storm on the way, CDOT also tells drivers to take it slow and anticipate safety closures.

Use caution, stay warm, and NEVER drink and drive...and have a very happy New Year.

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