The next time you enjoy a delicious cinnamon roll with friends and family at the Johnson's Corner outside of Johnstown, you can tell them the story of the one that was in Longmont.

The Johnson's Corner that most folks in the Fort Collins area are aware of opened in 1952. Into their 70th year, millions of people have passed through their doors, whether as over-the-road truckers, or families stopping in for some great food.

I'm pretty sure that I was never aware that there was a place that was also called Johnson's Corner, in Longmont. I just recently found out about it from the Longmont Times-Call, as they did a story about how it's being renovated.

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That building does look a bit run down, doesn't it? According to the Times-Call, the old, dilapidated Johnson's Corner in Longmont was moved to the "Prospect Neighborhood" in Longmont (west of Main on the far south side of town) in 2003; this photo is from 2016.

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You may Know that Johnstown's Johnson's Corner was featured in the 1995 Bill Murray movie, "Larger Than Life;" what's interesting is that Longmont's Johnson's Corner was also featured in media.

Longmont's Johnson's Corner (once a gas station) used to reside on Main Street. It turns out, that the writer Jack Kerouac, while traveling with friends across America, stopped at this Johnson's Corner. He ended up mentioning his stop in Longmont in his 1957 novel about those travels across America, "On the Road."  So, Longmont's Johnson's Corner is a part of American literature and culture.


The building is currently gong through a $4.5 million renovation; they hope to open it as '50's style ice-cream parlor, restaurant and bar, with an expansion including a rooftop patio bar. The picture below is from 2021.

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I can't wait to check out the new Johnson's Corner in Longmont, how about you?

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