Asking for help isn't easy, and it's usually coupled with feelings of nervousness and discomfort, especially when a stranger is involved.

A woman recently went viral on Twitter for sharing her own uncomfortable exchange with a stranger who turned down her request for quick assistance.

Twitter user @sfergs_ was grocery shopping when she realized she was too short to reach an item she needed that was up on a high shelf. So she turned to a tall stranger next to her in the same aisle for help.

It seemed like a pretty simple ask. However, she was shocked when the stranger declined, and was left feeling helpless and embarrassed.

"I asked a stranger to grab a mouthwash on the top shelf for me because it was too high and he said no. I am so f---ing humiliated," she tweeted.

@sfergs_ replied to her own Twitter thread, adding, alongside a barrage of crying emojis, "Why would you say no? Do you not know how much courage it took for me to ask you?"

On Twitter, her side of the story was met with outrage, gripes and support. But many users also defended the stranger's actions — or rather, inaction — by saying that he didn't owe her anything and that it might be tiring being constantly asked for help while out shopping.

One Twitter user shared a screenshot of a similar experience told from a tall person's perspective taken from Reddit's AITA (a.k.a. Am I the A--hole) subforum.

Other tweets suggested that vertically challenged folks should seek out help from tall women instead, who might be more keen to assist.

And then we have our favorite insight which came from Twitter user @communist_dave, who shared @mavenofhonor's unwritten "law of the giants." See below:

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