The butt dial.

It never happened with a phone that was wired to the wall. Or with a cordless phone. It's an uber-modern phenomena that has only been happening since phones have been able to fit into our pockets.

You know how it goes. You think your phone is locked. It isn't. You sit on it perfectly enough for it to engage the green button, but you didn't know you placed the call. The person on the other end picks up the call innocently enough, and then realizes that what they are hearing isn't you talking to them, but you talking to someone else.

And what are you talking about? The girl you are seeing on the side? The fake sick day you took? The fact that you say you support Donald Trump, but you are really going to vote for Bernie Sanders?

Whatever it is, it can be worse than someone hacking into your computer or checking your diary, because it isn't them being sneaky, it's you being stupid. Which you might be. And now you are stupid and busted.

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