It could be the plot twist to all plot twists... After over 30 years of trying to get signed by a pro hockey team, is Happy Gilmore possibly being signed by our Colorado Eagles?

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Colorado Eagles Meet With Adam Sandler / Happy Gilmore


In 1996, we had the pleasure of meeting America's next big hockey star, Happy Gilmore. You've likely seen his playing footage (also below), and know what an absolute beast he is on the ice.

Sadly, he took time away from the ice to focus on a sport he had no clue about... Golf. As we remember, Happy needed money to help save his grandma's house from being reposed and sold at auction.

Happy ended up winning his golden jacket and was able to save his grandma's house, but he's been fairly quiet since then. Rumor has it that he went back to his first love, hockey, and has been waiting patiently waiting for his big break. That time seems to have come.

Happy Gilmore Hockey Highlight Video

Happy (Adam Sandler) was backstage before his "I Missed You" tour at the Blue Arena in Loveland, Colorado, on Monday night. While making his rounds and checking in with his crew, he noticed the Colorado Eagles locker room.

After finding out that some of the team was in fact in the building he took it upon himself to make a pitch of a lifetime, and based on the picture below from the Eagles, Happy may have finally landed his dream gig.

Is it possible that Happy (Adam) was just saying hello to the team? Probably... But wouldn't it be something if it was Happy Gilmore who scored the first goal at this Saturday night's Teddy Bear Toss, that sent those thousands of bears flying? This article was just for fun, but we can all dream...Right? Go Eagles!

On a more serious note, Adam's show Monday at Blue Arena was a Top 5 all-time show for us at the arena. Non-stop laughing for nearly three hours. Adam Sandler's comedy style is incredibly unique, but he is so dang good. The man is a genius and we were incredibly lucky to have seen him live in Northern Colorado.

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