It's the adult version of the perfect meal...grilled cheese and ice cold beer!Probably the best "fest" of the season will be the Grilled Cheese and Beer Fest that is coming this October, Saturday the 6th. Grilled cheese is one of the best meals that you can not only have the classic way, but you can get really creative with and experience food like you have never experienced before. Then to pair one of the best meals with a really good ice cold beer could almost be perfection. Now, there is a whole festival dedicated to both grilled cheese and beer.

Mile High Grilled Cheese and Beer Fest is not only a local Colorado event but will feature Greeley's very own Weldwerks. Fresh off the Great American Beer Fest week, Weldwerks is right back to doing another festival because they not only like seeing all of you coming out to these awesome festivals, but they know that you love seeing them at all the festivals as well. Tickets are required and the event is split between two sessions. The first session will start at 2pm and the second session will start at 6pm. If you are an extra excited lover of grilled cheese and beer sure to get early and special access with their VIP tickets.

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