Your home is a place that you should feel safe and when creeps like this come on your property and start lurking around and checking things out where they shouldn't like...peeping through your windows, it's not only a little scary, it's pretty angering as well.

Home surveillance cameras throughout Greeley have caught a man peeping through windows in a bunch of different houses and authorities are looking for your help to bust this man.

According to KDVR via the Greeley Police Department, the person seen a bunch of different times around First Street and 26th Avenue between the hours of 9 p.m. Sunday and 12 a.m. Monday.


This particular video was captured in the Villa West Community out in North Greeley.

Greeley police said depending on the investigation, this type of crime could be classified as “invasion of privacy for sexual gratification,” which is a class 6 felony. Police would need to do several follow ups before charges could be filed.

There are a LOT of creeps in the world and unfortunately right in our backyard so be on the lookout and if you happen to see this person or have seen this person, police ask anyone with information to contact Officer Steward at 970-350-9605.


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