I know it's cold outside, but you might want to think twice before warming up your car in the driveway.

Police arrested Michael Arreguin, 28, on Tuesday (December 31) morning after he stole a car that was left running in a driveway in Greeley, according to The Greeley Tribune

A local woman was warming up her 2008 Honda CRV in her driveway that morning when it was taken. She called police to her residence in the 2700 Block of C Street around 5:50 a.m.

However, when police arrived, the car was returned. According to the victim, Arreguin and another woman had come back with the car before fleeing again.

Officers were able to catch Arreguin, but his accomplice got away.

The 28-year-old already had a warrant out for his arrest for stealing another running car earlier in December. Police charged Arreguin with motor vehicle theft charges relating to both incidents.

Stealing cars isn't the only illegal thing in this situation, though. Leaving your car running unattended is against the law in Colorado, and can result in a $60 fine.

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