Greeley Central High school to host a 5k for their local community to help end hunger in Weld County. Weld Food Bank is very known and active in Greeley as well as the surrounding Weld County. They work hard and diligently to help those in the county that have fallen on hard times and need help from their neighbors to make sure that either them nor their families go hungry. Their efforts are felt through out the whole year with not only food drives during the Holidays but they help kids not to go hungry during school as well as local events like this one.

Greeley Central High School is wanting to help their efforts as well by hosting the Race to End Hunger 2k/5k, this Saturday, March 3rd. The race will start at the Weld Food Bank warehouse building, located at 1108 H Street. Race will begin at 9am, leaving plenty of time to get registered race day. This registration will being at 7:30am and is located at the east doors. Participation for the race is $30 and goes to feeding your local community

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