Portland, Oregon made news headlines this week after President Trump sent 100 federal enforcement agents to the city in an attempt to control the protests occurring there. According to USA Today, instead of calming the protests, the officers ended up having the opposite effect, giving protesters "an injection of energy and enthusiasm".

Now, Colorado Governor Jared Polis is commenting on the prospect of having federal troops in our state. In fact, his statement is to the point:

"We want order rather than disorder. We want people to respect the law. We don't want people to be chaotic and fight with federal troops," he said in a recent press conference.

Polis, according to Denver Westword, said that in areas where federal troops have been deployed, it has been like "oil on a flame". The strategy for Colorado? De-escalation rather than anything else.

Polis later reiterated that Colorado has not requested federal troops, though he doesn't condone defacing government buildings or Colorado businesses, even in protest.

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