Jared Polis took the podium today to give his daily remarks on COVID-19 in Colorado, offered up the latest in social distancing guidelines and described how Colorado plans to return to a new normal.

Polis was quoted saying that the next few days will be "critical in determining if we've reached a plateau and are headed downward in terms of new cases." That being said, the Governor seemed hopeful for reopening Colorado and lifting social distancing measures in the weeks and months ahead, just slowly.

Polis equated our return to social life like a dimmer rather than a light switch, and described, in reference to the disease, having to "live along with it until it’s cured, or a vaccine is developed.” That being said, the next phase of dealing with COVID-19 will be stabilization, and hopefully soon, recovery. Kyle Clark says it best in his tweet below:

Recovery, by the way, only exists with the development of a vaccine. Until then, social distancing measures, especially for those at high risk for the virus, will have to continue.

To listen to Polis's full press conference, watch the video below:

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