Give back to a charity in honor of your birthday in 2018! I probably am not alone in my appreciating gifts for my birthday but also, want to do something more for others instead of getting more knick-knacks. One of the best concepts that Facebook has offered users, is the chance to turn your birthday into a fundraising event to help your favorite organization. Not only do they let you pick the organization that will help your birthday to be about helping others, but they will notify and promote your birthday fundraising event. Why not celebrate your birthday with The Wild Animal Sanctuary.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary is becoming one of the most popular local non-profits to give to and put up for your birthday donations. Why wouldn't you help this amazing locally loved organization, get all the financial help possible? Not only do we have a safe and incredible way to learn about and watch lions, tigers, and bears, in our own backyard, but it is becoming of such good reputation that they are called to help these animals when no one else is. Then to be able to provide them with such an amazing happy home in small town Keensberg, Colorado is definitely Northern Colorado's best.

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