If you've ever driven down North Timberline to the intersection of East Vine Drive, you've probably noticed the brick, two-story, Plummer School building that stands alone on the corner. While it still very much looks like a school, class hasn't been in session at this location for over 57 years. However, just because it's not being used for it's original purpose anymore, doesn't mean this building hasn't had functionality of many different kinds throughout its time.

The history of Plummer School dates back to 1906, when Fort Collins resident, James Ezra Plummer, donated a plot of land to the Larimer County School district. It was here that the school was first designed by prominent area architect, Montezuma Fuller, then constructed, and named after the man who helped make it possible. From then on, Plummer School was the only building used for District Number 26, until the Poudre School District came into play in 1960. During this 54-year time span, the bold, brick building was also a place where community weddings, funerals, business meetings, and election polls took place.

In 1977, the building was purchased and renovated to become an antique store, followed by a publishing office. It was then used as a residence for a short period – where my friend actually lived, turning the upper classroom into his bedroom, chalkboard and all! I'd say the parties thrown during this time were probably a bit different than those in the 1900s, but that's part of what gives this old building such life. After several different owners, the Plummer School has since been restored to it's original condition, featuring authentic details like antique lighting, exposed brick, hardwood floors and a one-hundred-year-old school bell. Considered a historic landmark, the building can currently be rented out for private parties, events, meetings and classes. You can also take a tour by calling 303-324-0506. Take a peek inside below:

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