In typical Colorado fashion, snow is on the way for Colorado after a weekend of sunny skies.

Spring snow is no stranger to our state: in fact, in 2021 alone, Colorado has ranked #12 historically for seasonal snowfall. For Saturday and Sunday (April 24 and 25), NoCo experienced beer-patio weather: a weekend that, at its high, reached 75 degrees. However, we've got more precipitation on the way.

According to 9News, though, this may be our last snow of the year until the winter season. Usually Colorado has a high probability of May flurries, but in 2021, the snow stops here, so enjoy it (or hide from it) while you can. The mountains and some areas of the Front Range could receive up to a foot of snow: so what can we expect in Northern Colorado?

We'll experience precipitation most likely in the form of a strong thunderstorm, according to the National Weather Service. Temperatures for Tuesday and Wednesday will hover around 60 degrees so no chance of tough roads or accumulation for us...just a bit of an inconvenient day.

The NWS says Thursday and Friday will be beautiful, with sunny skies and highs in the 70s. Then, the rain will return. Hey, it's still April, isn't it? And you know what they say about April showers...

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