It's a great way to repurpose small buildings that used to have ATMs inside of them: Turn them into spaces where people can bang on the drums.

I had heard about this business and thought, 'I HAVE to check this out!' A radio disc jockey, some free time to kill, and a love of being loud, it's what you'd call my 'wheelhouse.'

What is it?

it's called Drumbox. People reserve times to go and play the drum kits that are set up inside what used to be ATM buildings. There are currently just two Drum Boxes, one in Longmont and one in Lafayette. Their vision is to

Give space to creativitiy, and offer a musical outlet for those unable to play out loud.

I had plans to meet a friend for breakfast in Longmont recently and decided that would be the day that I'd check it out.

What the cost?

It was $20 for one-half hour or $30 for a full hour; I decided that it was going to take me a least 20 minutes to get the hang of it and get comfortable, so the extra $10 for the full hour was the way to go.

How do you get in there?

After you make your reservation and pay, the last four digits of your phone number will grant you access to the given Drum Box. The one in Longmont is near Main Street and Ken Pratt Boulevard.

What's all included?

Inside, I found two drum kits all set up. I was welcome to adjust everything as needed, just as long as it was left back the way I found it. There were drumsticks at each kit. There was wi-fi for me to listen to my own music in my earbuds while I made loud noises on the kit I sat at.

It seems small, is it small?

Without all the ATM mechanics inside, there's more than enough room for the two drum kits as well as an amp, in case you have friends who play guitar, sing.

Is it fun?

I had a blast. 25 years ago, I had a friend who had a kit, and I'd got behind that a couple of times, but nothing serious, so I really have zero drumming experience and found that I didn't need any to have fun.

Will you be back?

I'm thinking about hitting it up once a month; for the fun and the therapeutic side of it.

You can check it out online HERE.

Drum Box


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