Here’s the deal, just because you are polite when you rob a convenience store, and you promise to pay the money back, doesn’t make it any less illegal. Especially when you're waving a gun in the face of the clerk.

John Henry is the owner of a Shell gas station in south Seattle who was robbed at gun point. He was amazed, however, by the politeness of the robber. According to the story from KRDO, the crook used the terms “please”, “thank you”, and “sir” throughout the robbery. Henry offered the robber $40 but the man took $300 and apologized, saying he had bills to pay and kids to feed. He also said that if he got back on his feet he would pay the money back.

With store security footage and Henry being able to identify the man, it didn’t take long for police to track him down.

It’s amazing what people can convince themselves of, especially when in bad situations. This guy had probably spent weeks trying to figure out how to take care of his family and somehow rationalized that this was his best option. Now he’s going to jail and his family will be worse off than before. It’s sad really, and it's happening far too often.

You can see video of the robbery and an interview with the store owner who was robbed from CNN. Watch it here.


New reports say a tipster recognized the "polite robber" from the video. It turns he has been arrested for similar crimes before, and he isn’t currently supporting any children. Turns out he wasn't being polite, he was just being a liar!

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