Where once upon a time there was a Wal Mart, there was a Hobby Lobby. Where once was a Hobby Lobby, will be a new fitness joint.

From glue guns to 'gun shows;' from weighted blankets to free-weights. From being closed on Sundays, to being open on Sundays. A whole new thing is coming to the spot.

I reached out to the City of Loveland and was informed that Chuze Fitness is coming to the spot that was, originally, Loveland's first Wal Mart. I used to be a member of Fitness 19, which was located in this 'Loveland Marketplace' shopping center a few years back. Fitness 19 ended up closing.

Chuze has locations in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and seven (going on eight) locations in Colorado. The nearest location closest to this upcoming Loveland location would be the one in Thornton, off of I-25 and 104th.

It looks like they have relatively cheap monthly rates (starting at $9.99/mo,) but you do have to pay a start-up fee with each tier ($99/year for the $9.99/mo plan.)

They tout themselves as being:

Bigger. Nicer. Cleaner. Friendlier.

Personally, I think 'nicer' and 'friendlier' are the same, but I'm not in charge of marketing for them.

They come across like a Planet Fitness, though Planet Fitness only charges $39 per year for the 'basic' $10/mo membership, and they are purple, where Chuze's colors are yellow. One thing they DO have-- a swiming pool.

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