Free anything is nice. However, free tampons and maxi pads have caused quite a stir at Colorado State University. It's a pilot program called “You Matter… Period” and the goal is to provide free tampons and pads in 33 All Gender restrooms on the CSU campus, designed to support employee and student success. The task force in charge compares these items to toilet paper and soap, a necessity. The controversy comes in the form of questioning these kinds of programs, as tuition continues to rise.

Seems like students like the idea. The Collegian posted a story on their Facebook page which received 112 thumbs up and 21 hearts.

Collegian Facebook

 According the CSU website:

Lack of access to period products has an impact on both students and employees. Both groups have reported leaving campus when they unexpectedly start their periods during the middle of the day, thus missing valuable time in class or at work.“Our task force sees the You Matter… Period initiative as a way of supporting student and employee success,” said Erin Patchett, associate director of Campus Recreation and a task force member.  “Menstruation is a natural biological process, experienced by over half of the student body, and it should not be a barrier to getting a quality education.”


“Supplying free period products supports general health and well-being on campus like other standard supplies offered free of charge in our campus restrooms — toilet paper, paper towels, and hand soap,” said Neal Luján, task force chair.


The “You Matter… Period” pilot includes an invitation to provide feedback about the initiative.  The online survey link is at this website.

The task force plans to evaluate feedback gathered from the pilot and will generate recommendations for an ongoing campus service model.

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