Remember when Hughes Stadium held a raucous crowd cheering on our Rams football team? It wasn't that long ago, but it looks like some mischievous teens have found another use for the abandoned stadium.

In a recent uploaded video made to Youtube, user Darian Toureene showed one of the uses that the stadium is good for now: as an illegal (and probably dangerous) skate park.

However, I guess what else can we expect when there hasn't been a definitive answer for what the future use of the land will be that Hughes currently sits on.

Whether it's housing, retail, or just a bare piece of landscape once it is torn down, my guess is that Colorado State University didn't expect for it to be used as a spot for kids to learn their skate techniques?

Here's the video that Darian posted just last week, and you can still see what is still left behind in a stadium that created many memories.

What do you think? Is it alright for these kids to be using Hughes Stadium for their own enjoyment? Or is it time for Colorado State to up the security around the historical building?


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