Need a smile today? The work week can be hard, so let's finish the week on a high note with some way-too-adorable Fort Collins dogs that will give you the urge to snuggle up with one.

My two dogs live with my parents, and sometimes I have physical withdrawals from them, but nothing makes me feel better like some cute dog pics like these Instagrams from this week in Northern Colorado.

Kodiak and Kuma wear bananas and plaid shirts (ugh, too cute) and run around in the Colorado mountains together.

Speaking of which, I've felt the urge to do this a few times this week. This right here, is a smart dog. See more from Kuma here.

Meet Chuck Wagon, who is hands-down the world's cutest rescue Pomeranian. Like, is this even real? Is this even an actual dog? Because I can't even.

Speaking of those snuggle withdrawals. (Also, whoever the first face is must be REALLY cute.) 

Those eyes! <3 She kind of looks like she might be trouble... but hey, she's in training. 

Check out the Fort Collins pug that's becoming Insta-famous.


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