You may have heard of the Colorado-based band Leftover Salmon. In fact, they'll be playing the Marshall Fire Benefit Concert on the 28th of this month. They were started in Boulder back in 1989 when some members of a band called The Salmon Heads joined forces for a show in Crested Butte with some members from another band called the Left Hand String Band.  They literally chose the name Leftover Salmon on the ride over to the show that night.

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Fast forward 30+ years, and many of the band's members have come and gone over time. But one of its current members, banjo player Andy Thorn, has caught the attention of the world over for an interesting musical friendship he's developed with a fox. That would be the animal, as in a fox living in the wild.

After winding down on a tour, Thorn posted the video on his YouTube channel with the caption: "When your summer tours end, so you’re testing out some new material on a fox — and they come back for an encore."

While not performing with Leftover Salmon, Thorn is a songwriter, producer, guitar player and dad. He's also a fox enthusiast, which explains why he knows how to produce the melodies the foxes seem to love.

He also recently produced his own solo project "Fox Songs and Other Tales From The Pandemic," on which impressively played all of his own instruments for the album.

You can learn more about Andy Thorn on his website.

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